to know

i have typing quirks (ex. keyb smashes, excess punctuation). i use caps often/if you use caps. i show a lot of emotion in my texts. i tend to reciprocate how much energy you put in your texts.


feel free to DM me if you have any questions or concerns! && if you need me to use tone tags, lmk! i’ll do my best /gen dni if ur name is ash /ashley. i will not use "ash /ashley" (i'll use ur other names, if u have any). i know this is unfair and i apologize, but please respect my uncomfortability with the name.


cr lobilles


a quick fun fact about me is i’ve liked pokemon since i was really young! i don’t play pkmn as often anymore, but i still update myself with recent news & watch poketubers. so! here’s a lil section w my favourite pokemon <3


leafeon, glaceon, gengar, intelleon (& kinda sobble), primarina, victini!!!!, meloetta


kins you say? well here they are! mizuki (pjsekai), atsushi & kyouka (bsd), possibly denji (?) (csm), tanaka (hq)