Venus/Rye — 私のプロフィール ~

15, INFP / ISFP-T. Nb, Abro. Mixed Asian, Eng.
sun scorpio, moon libra. Lawful Neutral

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Anigames genshin, pjsekai, pkmn, mysme, lwa, bsd, kakegurui, wolf children… not many

☆★ Notes — これを覚えて !!

my carrds:: [1] tvtdream.carrd.co ………… [2] torachiyo.carrd.co [3] baesexual.crd.co ps. i also made my friendgroup carrd !!
responses [pings/dms] will likely be late (unless important). dms = semi-closed

☆★ Before Yo u Talk2 !!

sarcastic, (often) energetic, many text quirks & abbreviations, shy, sometimes uses tone indicators (if idk you/you ask/you use them)

☆★ Do Not Talk2 if !!

-13, 18+ (moots ok!), basic dni, don’t support abros/neos, think prns = gender, nothing in common, only converses through small talk

ids atsushi nakajima (bsd), kyouka (bsd), akko kagari (lwa), tanaka (hq)kins jack merridew (lotf), kel (omori)main f/os amanda o’niell (lwa), 707 (mysme), venti (gi), xingqiu (gi)comfs pomegranate (crk), venti (gi), zen (mysme), james (pkmn), calem (pkmn)bolded = stronger than the others

thank you for reading! stay safe && i love pjsekai :]