minor, he/they, scorpio
name: [dms open] for commissions

1. meo likes to draw and crochet
2. you’re looking for meo? i think they’re with nishinoya
synonyms: a bit introverted but friendly;
3. i heard meo likes bubble tea!

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hiya; welcome to my commissions page!
here you’ll find my rules when/after commissioning, my prices/plans, and some examples of my art!
click the buttons above (search | tos | prices) to navigate!

Terms & Conditions

By requesting a commission, you agree that;---------------♥︎₊˚
- I own the final rights to any art I create/have created.
---- You will not claim that you own my art.
- I have the right to decline your order.
- I have the right to cancel the order at any time.
- You will send full payment after I show a low quality,
- watermarked sketch of your order.
---- (confirmations/edits will happen after payment, just to be safe!)
- Once I've finished the lineart and/or started colouring,\
- you cannot ask for a refund.
- My art is currently only for personal use. (no commercial use)
When commissioning, please...--------------------------, , , ☆
- Note that I do not draw NSFW. (list not exhaustive)
- Remember that I am a minor and have boundaries.
- Be nice! Everyone appreciates someone who's nice :] /pos
- Be as detailed as possible; for the best results!
- Be patient! You can always ask for updates on my progress.
- However, please don't ask me every day/every other day or so.
- Please keep in mind I have a life outside commissions ⸝⸝ ✦